How to make a link from a brand mention

Marketers often discuss the importance of getting new brand mentions. We will show the benefit and how link building is related to it.

How to make a link from a brand mention

Site links are still one of the main ranking factors. The more links from other sites lead to yours, the higher the chances of taking top positions in the search results. And together with this, the site will receive more traffic from Google and generate more applications.Link building using brand mentions is a fairly simple technique that will help promote your site. Some of your competitors already use it, others don't know it yet. In any case, you should try this method to get backlinks.

How to build backlinks. Some Tips

To get the maximum result, it is important to include several link building methods in your SEO link building strategy.Let's briefly talk about the main options:

  • Outreach is a method of link building through personal agreements with site owners to post links, articles, or other promotional materials with a link to the site you are promoting. This technique is one of the main in the link building for any segment. The main advantage is the versatility of the technique and the naturalness of the links. The disadvantage of outreach is that it takes a lot of time to get links.

  • Submit — receiving links from sites that allow posting of user-generated content. Such platforms can be company catalogs, thematic portals, or blog platforms (for example, Medium). The main advantage of submits is that you do not need to pay for posting content.

  • Guest posting — receiving links from articles posted on blogs of other resources that are similar in the subject matter. The benefit from such publications will be twofold. You get backlinks to the site and the opportunity to additionally advertise a product or service. You can post such materials by contacting the resource owner directly or through the guest post marketplace.

One such service is the direct marketing exchange With its help, you can quickly choose a donor site and place a guest post on a relevant resource within 2-3 days. The catalog includes 10k+ sites and blogs that accept guest posts on 36 topics. It is easy to search for sites (there are detailed filters), and it is simple to communicate with site owners. In addition, the service guarantees that the publication will remain on the site and will be indexed by search engines.

  • Getting links from brand mentions. The essence of this method is to find all mentions of the brand in the network and request links from the owners of resources that mentioned your brand. So, if your business gets mentioned a lot, use that to get more links. Next, we will tell you in detail how to do it.

Step 1. Find your brand mentions

Manually tracking brand mentions on the Internet is long and inefficient. Mention monitoring services will be the best solution. There are many such tools, we will analyze their operation using the example of Google Alerts and our LOOQME platform.

To track mentions, enter the brand name in the search bar and adjust accordingly.

You can set:

  • frequency of sending notifications,
  • types of sources (blogs, news, sites, etc.),
  • language;
  • region;
  • e-mail for notifications.

Our LOOQME  service provides even more options for monitoring mentions. Among other tools, we offer LOOQME Hub for searching and analyzing all brand mentions. We will show you some possibilities that you will have after creating an account.

When you add a brand to follow, you'll see all the posts that mention it and the sources for the posts.

Be sure to pay attention to the service dashboard.

Detailed analytics are presented here, which will help you assess how effectively you are increasing brand awareness. The Potential Audience Reach section is particularly interesting.All these metrics will help to work on getting new mentions more efficiently. And this means that later you will have more links to the site. LOOQME offers more opportunities to develop your brand, work with mentions and get new backlinks than free counterparts.At the initial stage of work, keep links to sites with mentions of your brand. It is advisable to summarize the information in a table. It can have the following columns:

We advise you to keep such a table regularly!How to find more link building opportunities? Use a few simple tips:

  1. Track all variations of your brand name. So you will find more sites that can become link donors for your site.
  2. Don’t just track the brand name. You can track mentions of products, and services. Another plus of this solution is that you can make links to the site more diverse.
  3. Try to set up monitoring of mentions by the names of your employees or company CEO.

Let's move on to the next step.

Step 2. Look for website owner contacts

When you have several links to sites that mentioned your brand and did not leave a link, it is time to start collecting contacts.It is important to find relevant contacts. These can be e-mails or messengers of the webmaster, site owner, or advertising department. Otherwise, the likelihood of your email going unanswered increases. You can also find the author of the article on social networks and contact him through private messages. A company profile on Linkedin can be a source of contacts. You can also get the contacts of the owners or managers of the site through the service's technical support.Collect the information from these pages in the table, an example of which we showed a little earlier.

Step 3. Contact the site owner

The mechanics of the next step are simple. You need to contact the owners of all sites that mention your company, but do not have a link, and ask them to provide a link. As a rule, this is done completely free and willing. One of the reasons is that the sites that write about your company are usually not your direct competitors.However, we advise you to follow a few simple rules to make the mailing more effective.

  1. Send each webmaster an individual e-mail. Template mailings will have less response.
  2. If possible, offer to insert links to different pages of your site.
  3. In some cases, you can create content specifically for such a mailing. This could be an article with a review of a product that is often mentioned, a new interview with a company's CEO, etc. You have a lot of space for non-standard solutions.

Please note that not all e-mails will be answered. Some just won't open right away. Follow up correspondence with each site owner and after some time write a new e-mail or contact through another channel.


You can get to the top of Google results for competitive queries only if you have a well-thought-out link building strategy. It is important to get links to the site using different methods.This will ensure the growth of natural links to the site, and with them - positions in the issue and organic traffic.We have analyzed one of the simple and very effective techniques for obtaining backlinks — mentions of the company, its products, and services. Test and promote your sites to the TOP of Google search results.

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