State of PR 2021

What drives the PR industry of Ukraine?

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What is the PR industry in Ukraine like today?

What are the go-to tools and services of a PR specialist?
Which tasks take most of the time?
What types of media are the primary target?

We have interviewed over 100 professionals to understand the leading factors that influence their work. We assessed the trends that determine the direction of the further development of the PR industry in Ukraine.

Research results:

Almost half of State of PR participants work for B2B and B2C businesses. Another 15% – in PR-agencies.
Journalists, linguists, and political scientists account for 51% of specialists. Only 7% of respondents have a PR-related degree.
The majority of the Ukrainian PR industry workers are women – 73%, which puts men at 27%.
64% of PR agencies representatives indicated “Anti-crisis communications” as the most popular service. And only 6% representing the B2B and B2C spheres and other businesses said the same.
77% of respondents commonly use up to 3500 characters for publications in media.