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Measure how many brand messages were met by target audience and see the impact of communications on business results

LOOQME Hub collects brand mentions from 500000+ sources.

Сollect and analyze great data massive of brand mentions without constant manual search.
All mentions have segmentation by type of media, country, language, sentiment, role.
Set up alerts on all brand mentions or on negative ones only.
Measure performance with reports and custom dashboards in a few clicks.

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All sources in one place

Social networks

Facebook, Instagram,
YouTube, Twitter, Telegram

Online media

News agencies, news and lifestyle websites

Offline media

TV, press, newspapers, magazines

All Internet

Review sites, aggregators, forums, blogs, Google Maps

Understand and assess the impact of social networks and other media on communications with LOOQME Hub now

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What tasks does LOOQME Hub solve?


Brand mentions monitoring

Every time a brand is mentioned online or offline the publications shortly appear in the Hub

Know your competitors

See what market players say in which media, how and when, and analyze your communications

Detect and prevent crises

Set up smart alerts + track the dynamic of negative and how far did it spread

Control performance data

Have separate customized reports and dashboard tabs set up for each team

LOOQME Hub benefits



High touch customer support

Numerous resources number


All media in
one place

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Our clients and partners

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