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Quick media mention notifications.
Helps to stay updated.


What is MyNews bot

MyNews is a Telegram bot that promptly sends you important news.

The chatbot will help you follow brands, public figures, products, trending topics, and news.

Why you need MyNews bot

- 1 -

Receive news as soon as it comes out

Your information field will be monitored 24/7.

MyNews bot sends news immediately after publication in the media, regardless of the time and day of publication. Now you will find out about new publications right away and not when you have time to look for them.

- 2 -

Do not miss important news

News will no longer slip through the cracks.

MyNews searches 38,000 sources for news. With the chatbot, you will stop worrying about missed publications. With the filters help, the news feed will consist only of relevant materials without questionable content.

- 3 -

Escape routine

MyNews bot does not take long to set up to get started.

After you input search topics and choose the news receiving frequency – the configuration is finished. Now the chatbot does everything for you, and you can spend the saved time on strategic steps.

Who needs MyNews

PR and marketing specialists


Political technologists



Public figures

MyNews bot sends news about brands, companies, products, events, and public figures from online and offline media

MyNews bot will help to:

  • promptly receive news about companies and public figures;
  • monitor who writes what about competitors;
  • monitor the service market;
  • monitor product innovations;
  • follow the news of a specific event.

Why MyNews bot

✅ News from offline sources (Press, ТV)

✅ 38 000 Ukrainian online media and top global publications

✅ Notification settings by time and day

✅ Filtering out the unwanted news and resources

✅ Grouping of repeated news

✅ Displaying the coverage for each material


Launch Telegram bot
and use for free

You can set up to 3 keywords / phrases (e.g.
brand name, company name, name of a
person) for free.

Run the Bot

Service packages

UAH 0 / month
UAH 50 / month
UAH 150 / month
Unlimited mentions amount
Keywords number
Excluding words
Limiting the sources to TOP-100
Offline sources (TV, printed media)
Tracking geography
1 country
1 country
All countries
Doubles (reprints)
Delivery frequency