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LOOQME is an ambitious team united by a common goal and values, belief in their products, and love for each client.

Команда LOOQME


is more than 50 specialists from different fields committed to improving products, processes, technologies, and communications to make successful advancements and help businesses thrive.

Оксана Кононова

Oksana Kononova


"As a CEO and one of the founders, my task is to represent the interests of three main groups of stakeholders:

Our clients. All our processes and development are aimed at creating the best possible experience for our clients.

Our team.I am committed to creating opportunities for development, supporting large initiatives, building a culture of environmental and effective interaction.

LOOQME founders. Our shared priority is maintaining the strategic focus and providing opportunities for long-term success and financial security, which allows us to balance new risky initiatives and the sustainable development of the core business."

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make successful business decisions, increase the power of your business, maintain a positive reputation and take care of your image in the media and social networks.