4 convincing reasons to invest in media monitoring


Online presence has become fundamental for doing business. The number of online resources, social media, forums, and review sites is on the rise. Therefore, it is important to keep up with brand mentions regardless of how challenging it can be.

According to Social Media Today, social media affects 71% of consumer purchasing decisions. Moreover, their influence is becoming more and more powerful. According to BrightLocal research, 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The potential benefits of media monitoring for big business

This means that the value of tracking media and user mentions of the brand increases exponentially and has a direct impact on the development and well-being of the business.

1. Manual monitoring is a waste of time when it comes to the need for a quick response to a problem

Manual monitoring of media and social network mentions means you have to designate your time daily to perform tasks that are easy to complete with automated monitoring. With it, you can dedicate more resources and time to other important areas of work.Manual monitoring leaves you with no possibility for a quick response to refute negative information in the media.

Avoiding PR crisis and more: how to use and benefit with Alerts

Example: In January, the YouTube administration blocked the Geek Journal channel following a 1+1 copyright infringement complaint. This caused a backlash against 1+1 with the #saveGeekJournal hashtag trending on Twitter.In such cases, manual monitoring of negative mentions of the TV channel would call for significant costs, additional workforce, and time. With automatic monitoring, it is easier to effectively control such situations.

2. Collect trends and analyze the relationship between the market and the media

Monitor industry news and user trends for your product or service to adjust your communications, product campaigns, media appearances, and collaborations.

Where do trends come from: hello, situational marketing

Changing the PR strategy or, for example, expanding the product range can increase the number of positive mentions in the media.

The tone of voice of the product mentions

Analyze mentions within a set period in terms of qualitative and quantitative changes in LOOQME analytics. The search for insights will help increase profits by identifying actions that benefit the company.

3. Use media monitoring to ascertain your profitability

Not only negative reviews in the media deserve your attention. Monitoring media coverage is important, for example, when you need to show the return on investment to your partners or clients.

Graphs and metrics that confirm a positive image in the media will convince investors, donors, and future clients to work with you. This is your chance to demonstrate your worth.

Quickly, briefly, specificly: LOOQME dashboard opportunities

Additionally, positive reviews on various platforms will be a great resource for advertising campaigns, in particular, on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Track competitors

Competitive benchmarking: what it measures, and why use it?

Assess what others are doing and do it better. Analyzing the successes of competitors, understanding the needs of the industry, and keeping up with product updates are just some of the few media monitoring opportunities. It is also worth noting that negative mentions and criticism of competitors can provide invaluable insights on how to avoid similar problems in your business.

4 reasons to start using media monitoring in 2022

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