Perception of brands after leaving the Russian market: sociology and media analytics

The decision to leave the Russian market is a powerful value trigger for business and society today. It is crucial for further brand development and its attractiveness to consumers and investors. The LOOQME team studied the communications of nine international companies: Coca-Cola, Megogo, McDonald's, Netflix, Kernel, Credit Agricole, Henkel, Bosch, and Luxsoft from February 24, 2022, to April 30, 2023, in traditional and online media, and compared them with the sociological survey results.


AI, the rise of LinkedIn, and cooperation with marketers: 2023 PR trends

Muck Rack carried out the State of PR 2023 study. It examined challenges PR professionals face, global industry trends, and development forecasts. The LOOQME team analyzed Muck Rack's research, and we are ready to share our insights.


Sociology in studying brand communications

The audience is central to most marketing and PR activities. Pleasing your audience, getting on the same page with them, conveying the right message, evoking emotions, and learning how to interact with a new segment of consumers are markers that help companies see, understand, and evaluate their success. A sociological survey is a tool for assessing a brand's audience.


Why do IT companies need media monitoring

Since the outbreak of the war, the IT industry in Ukraine has managed to persevere, keeping the majority of foreign clients and jobs and showing its efficiency and unwavering support for the economy and the army. Today, IT companies continue on the same path — they work to increase the country's GDP, contributing to the Armed Forces, and introduce innovations in the military sector, business, and daily life.


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