LOOQME R-index
Brand reputation health index

Shows the level of brand trust and visibility in media and social networks.
The reputation index is a modern metric that reflects the impact of communications on business results.

R-Index’s affordability allows any company to measure its real level of trust / recognition

The index consists of two figures and the results of a sociological survey.

Figure 1

Active presence - reflects the company’s visibility in social networks/media and its recognition among audiences.

Figure 2

Trust-positivity - takes into account the tone of mentions in social networks/media and trust towards the company.

Our partner

Masiyenko/Zagryvenko HUB

LOOQME R-index:

Combines data from media activity and sociological research into one metric

Helps to understand the influence of media activity on changing people's perception

Shows the quality of the media field and the real level of trust / recognition

Assess the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of a company in the market

Product Advantages


Reputation index is
affordable for
any company


The results of media activity research and sociological research come together with an affordable price and the possibility of regular updates


Comparison of figures across a selection of competitors or an entire industry


Figures are easy to adapt to different business needs

LOOQME R-Index features

Combines indicators: complete coverage of social networks and media, positive news, and the results of a sociological survey on brand/company awareness and trust

Does not only analyze the media activity of the company but also uses case studies to measure awareness and trust in a brand/company

Shows the correlation between the dynamics of the quantity and quality of mentions in the media and social networks; brand/company recognition and trust

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