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Back away from illusions about what customers
say and share

Evaluate brand image and check its perceiving intended brand associations.

Work with multilingual spaces – this way we can consolidate the brand profile across all regions and look at each one separately.

How you benefit

strategic plan

Strategy impact on business

Analyze the desired brand profile by each attribute and evaluate mentions trends changes

current brand attributes

Current brand attributes

Evaluate existing and intended brand attributes that were set to meet company goals

brand identity perception

Brand identity perception

Clearly see the context of discussions - determine narratives where your brand is discussed

analyze brand profile

brand profile

See unbiased brand reputation profile as is and narratives around it

Understand and grow your impact on brand image

Download the report example to estimate the benefits and options for your brand goals

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How does it look like?

brand lab analytics

Trending words for each keyword

You choose one or more keywords — and LOOQME's unique ML model finds the trending words related to them. If they match, the mentions context is the same, and this will be displayed visually.

Thematic clusters of your mentions

The topics of your brand mentions are determined by the LDA model, which automatically groups different word combinations that occur together most often.Circles are thematic clusters of varying importance. Their placement depends on the connection between the topics and proximity to the central keyword.

brand analytics
keywords cloud

A cloud of words

The key goal is showing the most frequently mentioned words in your keywords context. Words from the cloud can be tracked in dynamics to understand how the media space is changing.

Mentions environment

Shows the context a keyword is mentioned in, and which words are mentioned most often and closely next to it.Unlike a cloud of words, the environment also takes into account the distance between a keyword and other words. That is, a certain connection between words is calculated.

related words with keywords

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"I thank LOOQME company for the perfect service. It is especially valuable that they are always willing to meet clients' needs, customizing a product up to individual requirements."
Evgenia Yeromina
Director of communications, ICU group


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