Avoiding PR crisis and more: how to use and benefit from alerts?

A crisis will always come unexpectedly. The way you plan to deal with it should not be haphazard. Besides, many crises are easily avoidable if you take prompt action.

Not every problem is a crisis.

It applies to negative reviews on social media. You should monitor the situation in real-time, classify problems, and have appropriate messages ready. You should not be silent because the problem will only worsen and become a full-scale crisis.

You just need a plan.

We hope you have a plan at hand that includes the details:

  • how to track;
  • how to quickly assess the scale;
  • how to identify the source;
  • what to respond with and on whose behalf;
  • how to monitor updates;
  • how to evaluate the results of the impact and resolution of the crisis.

Do you remember this?

‍How about this one?‍

Any problem, big or small, will impact your brand's reputation. Meanwhile, timely tracking of all messages that mention you is a definite must-have.

How to effectively use brand mentions alerts?

LOOQME Alerts is a feature that delivers any media mentions to your email inbox in Telegram within 5-10 minutes of their publication. Flexible settings allow you to monitor messages about the company, competitors, certain personas, and particular events or breaks. You can even follow selected media, sources, regions, personal accounts on social media, etc.

To set up the feature, enter a search query or a keyword and choose the type of delivery and the related account. To get started, you can create several mention alerts that include:

  • your company, products, and services;
  • competitors;
  • top executives of the company;
  • key topics of the industry.

Let's take a look at an example of a social media crisis.

The dynamics of the distribution of mentions

743 mentions in just one hour! The post that was written by Roman Rybalchenko about his conflict with the electronics store "Stylus" in Kyiv, Ukraine, resonated with the public on many levels. Overall, the post received more than 12,000 reactions, 3,000 comments, and 7,000 reposts.

In the graph, we demonstrate that "Stylus" representatives had an hour to react before the peak spread of mentions. One alert could have prevented the scandal if it had been responded to in a timely and correct manner.

What are additional reasons for experts to use alerts?

  1. Competitive intelligence. Discover what is being said by and about your competitors. You should keep in mind that if one of your colleagues experiences a crisis, it may also affect your reputation. Identify potential problems.
  2. Brand monitoring. Track brand mentions assessing its “online health”.
  3. SEO opportunities for link building. Make a list of sites and platforms that mention your brand or keyword and negotiate backlinks with them.
  4. Content marketing. Discover trends and hot topics in your industry to plan an effective communication strategy.
  5. Influence marketing. Find influencers who will support your brand.

Have you set up your first alert yet? ;)

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