How knowledge of online mentions can help build brand reputation and how CRM software can help

These days, the importance of a business's online reputation cannot be stressed enough. People check online reviews before they reach out. According to a study, around 42% of adults online in the United States looked somebody up prior to making a decision whether or not they would do business with them.

45% stated that they discovered something during an online search that made them decide not to pursue business transactions with them. While 56% said they found something which solidified their decision to conduct business with them. This means that in today's modern world, those who do not have a positive representation in their own search results are bound to lose business opportunities. This is where brand reputation comes into the picture. Why is brand reputation important? Because the first thing they do is check you out on Google. So if you don't stand out in your reviews, it is going to make a big impact. You're in big trouble and are bound to lose a lot of business. So today we are going to tackle online brand reputation management and the best CRM systems to help you achieve this. Many users and companies are currently looking for alternatives to Russian services, but not everyone knows that the Ukrainian market can offer many analogs for almost any field.

Moreover, by buying a Ukrainian service, you not only support business in the country, but also its economy as a whole. Thus Serpstat company decided to prepare a List of TOP Ukrainian Tools For Business — full-scale guide to SaaS services in Ukraine to simplify your search tasks.

The best CRM software that will help your brand should be able to do the following for you:

Capture FeedbacksIf you have little to no reviews and analysis, the first thing to do is acquire feedback from your previous customers. What if this means email blasting hundreds or even a thousand of them? So be it. Bad reviews are not something to be scared of.The main purpose of this is to capture their feedback and you don't have to worry about them all being five-star ratings. Lower ratings are totally acceptable because people can see that your business is totally authentic. If you're doing an amazing job you have great chances of having good reviews, which will get you a lot more reviews in the future. In turn, it will help your company grow its online reputation.


If you have managed to capture these reviews from your previous clients, good job. So how about new customers moving forward? The solution is automating your systems in sending out invoices, notifications, newsletters, or even ‘Thank You’ notes after doing business. Update all your invoices, templates, even email signatures you send out. Make sure you have a killer CTA (Call-To-Action) button at the bottom. For example, you can thank the customer for doing business with you and ask them to leave feedback to let you know what you’re doing good and what you can improve.

Get Customer Feedback Face to Face In Real-Time

Restrictions start to ease out and businesses are slowly getting back to normal operations. Perhaps you have people out in the field or over the phone. Or some of them may be coming to your office in person so you're dealing with them every single day. This is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and ask them for feedback. When they agree to spare a few moments to do this, make sure you're prepared so you can streamline the entire process. Have a tablet device ready or a kiosk with a computer where they can give out their reviews instantly and in real-time. And usually, when you ask people to do this in person with you around, it's most likely they're gonna leave you with a favorable review.

Read and Respond To ALL TYPES of Reviews

While you have CRM software storing your customer's information, you also need another tool for collecting feedback. These come in the form of brand reputation management solutions and feedback software. Make sure to respond to all of them—no matter what. Remember, people are studying you so your business will inevitably go through some reputational risk while on these reviews. Reading and responding to them regardless if they are good or bad reviews, only shows that you care about your business and your customers. Don't freak out when you get negative reviews. Nor should you have a combative attitude. Just relax, state the facts as much as you can and be professional in how you respond. This way, they are going to see both sides of the story—the customer's side and the company's side. Now deciding who's in the right or wrong is entirely up to them. In the same manner, respond to good reviews. Even if it's just saying thank you and appreciating what they do. Not only will you look good, but your online reputation will also have better chances of ranking higher than your competitors.

Never Skip A Step

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. You have so little time and yet so much to do. Running your business while having to deal with all the nitty-gritty details can really get to you. So if you don't have time to do this yourself, assign some of your people to take charge of it. But if you want to make sure that there are no loopholes and it gets done right the first time, hire professionals to do it.Of course, there are many tools available today to help you automate these processes. Find one that will suit your budget while giving you maximum brand reputation benefits.  Take LOOQME for instance. It provides robust solutions for tracking and analyzing information activity of persons, brands, and companies online and offline. Some of their products include the LOOQME Hub which tracks and analyzes their client's mentions in social networks and mainstream media. LOOQME R-index allows you to see the level of brand trust people have in you in media and social networks. And the Industry Watcher sets up benchmarks and provides competitor analysis. These are just some of the brand reputation management examples crucial for your business.

Online Mentions/Reviews + Great CRM Systems = A Strong Brand Reputation

Remember to start with clear and specific goals in mind. Because your indicators depend on such goals. For instance, if you wish to save money, your indicators will be totally different from indicators pursuing your brand image's strength. Stop focusing on the company's brand alone. You cannot get the entire picture unless there's a collaborative effort. From measuring everything in comparison with your competition and using the "before/after" dynamics. Don't be afraid to use Paid Media. Up until today, PR is actively utilized via transparent and legal marketing tools such as promotional posts on social media. Even if you're just starting out in your small business, make sure to secure the most relevant key indicators. They don't need to be perfect. In time you can create new ones while refining the current ones being used. Don’t be too hard on yourself on the first few tries. Be patient enough to give it some time to produce positive results. Soon, all your efforts will pay off. Knowing all these things, you can choose to stick with your old style, allowing fate to flip a coin to see if your business will successfully go upstream or down the drain. Or you can start implementing ways how to improve brand reputation for your company. It’s now or never. So choose wisely.

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