How media monitoring helps communications specialists deal with their main challenges

Communication has never been easy. It is especially so with the advance of digitalization and a changing media landscape that bring about additional challenges for communications professionals.

Olexander Polubinsky, our Chief Customer Officer, spoke in front of the NUWEE students. He told about the main challenges communication professionals face in their daily work and how to tackle them with the LOOQME monitoring tools.

The greatest challenges for communication professionals

Global State of PR 2022: challenges, communication with the media, and the future of the profession

Fear of missing out on what's truly important in the never-ending stream of information. There is a high rate of accumulation and replication of information in the media space, which does not always turn out to be of much value to us. Therefore, maintaining a balanced stance and filtering out what is of essence from this stream is an advantage for the communication professional.

Measurement and confirmation of the business metrics impact. Good communication should result in higher quality leads and a more knowledgeable target audience willing to learn more and interact with the brand.

Monitoring and influencing performance indicators. Communications performance indicators should directly relate to the goals of the organization and contribute to the fulfillment of the company's mission.

How to build a successful communication strategy for business

How does LOOQME Hub media monitoring help with this?

• Measures key performance indicators on a daily basis:

1. Reach through different channels;

2. Media Visibility;

3. Message frequency;

4. Number of positive outputs;

5. Number of publications in top media;

6. Number of publications in target media;

7. Share of Voice in comparison to competitors.

Displays the effectiveness of online communications in real-time. The analytical module reacts to changes in important indicators and allows you to use optimization options.

Big data in PR: how to make decisions based on big data

Provides you with quick insights for communications. The system automatically ranks the mention by importance and allows you to analyze the flow of information in the market.• Helps you get to know your competitors. Collecting data across the entire market and comparing media activity in a form of graphs allows you to stay on top of every event in the market and avoid the communication mistakes of your competitors.

Why is it even necessary?

Communication is key in attracting customers and increasing their loyalty to the company. Its success largely depends on the tools and channels that communication professionals choose to work with.

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