How to build an effective personal LinkedIn profile. From no name to Top Business Development Voice on LinkedIn in 6 months

Dariia Gerasymovа is a Growth Manager at Influ2 and owner of the Top Business Development Voice badge on LinkedIn. For our blog, Daria will share insights for the successful development of a personal brand and a LinkedIn profile.

In August 2023, each of my posts received about 100 views. Now, the daily number ranges between 10,000 and 40,000.

Did I achieve it organically? Yes.

Did it happen by itself? No.

There is hard work behind this, and I will gladly share my experience.

What came first: the initial post or the content strategy?

I will be honest with you: I have not spent a single day writing a content strategy. Why not? Because LinkedIn is a mysterious fairy-tale world where some characters make it, and others do not. No one knows who will have what it takes. Therefore, it is necessary to take a shot in the dark.

It is why, looking at the content posted for a Western audience by my expert colleagues, I realized that all you need is a unique style while writing about something you enjoy (but it must be relevant to your sphere). 

Copying others, writing a wall of text, or praising other users in the comments will not work on LinkedIn. To attract the attention of a Western audience, you must:

1) Be visible, that is, comment a lot and, preferably, express your expert opinion,

2) Post content that has value: tell about the methods and ways to achieve specific results (for free in the how-to format).

3) Entertain your audience with high-quality humor on professional topics.

4) Write high-engaging posts – the kind where people will willingly express their opinions in the comments.

5) Communicate a lot and try to make friends with opinion leaders in your field to be able to create collaborative posts with them.

6) Grow your audience through content and, most importantly, private communication. 

These are just some of the basics, without which growth to 600K content views is practically impossible. All of the above also takes a lot of time.

It is worth remembering that when you only start creating a personal brand on LinkedIn, you need to allocate 5 to 6 hours a day.

It all pays off in the end.

In addition, if you are actively involved in the articles that LinkedIn offers for its community, you can get a badge for a specific area of professional activity. The one I have is Top Business Development Voice. Depending on the field, you can get such badges for Lead Generation, Sales Development, Top Marketing Voice, etc.

What do I gain with LinkedIn blogging, and why will it help me sell more?

I should probably say here that I am not running my LinkedIn just for fun (ha-ha). It is a very, very powerful sales tool in the Western market. Customers in America or Europe are tired of cold emails and calls. They ignore them 99% of the time.

In 2024, LinkedIn is like a magic wand that, with the help of content and a personal brand, can bring leads that will become customers.

Yes, it is hard to believe, but you can see for yourself:

- In 2023, I could send personal messages that received no replies.

I now get an answer almost immediately because people see their colleagues, friends, and acquaintances reading me (which means I am not a no-name).

- In 2023, I could write 12 cold emails and never arrange a call.

Now, people reach out to me in private messages that they want to talk and suggest a time to do it!

If that is not a good enough reason to start running your LinkedIn to promote your brand, I will tell you that your dream client receives 100 emails and 50 cold calls daily. So, how can you make a difference?

When is the best time to start growing your LinkedIn for personal branding?

Right now. Read what your fellow experts post and think about how you can write it differently. Dedicate 15 minutes every day, posting three times a week. You can build up gradually, and in a few months, you can increase the number of leads and the percentage of sales and create a good network.

I can now say with confidence - I took a risk and never once regretted it. So, when was the last time you updated your LinkedIn? 😉

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