How to create a company brand portrait using Netpeak Checker

A recognized brand name and authoritative reputation are the keys to a successful and profitable business. Users are more willing to buy goods and order services from companies that have already established their names on the market and have many positive reviews. Lesser-known companies are in much lower demand, and their customer flow is much lower than that of more famous competitors.

What is a brand portrait, and why is it important for business promotion?

A brand portrait is a collection of a company’s publicly available information, which potential clients can use to form preliminary impressions of the company, as well as its activities, services, and products.

There are three types of brand portraits:

  • Positive - when searching for information about the brand, the user finds mostly positive feedback and reviews about the company, its activities, and achievements
  • Neutral - there is almost no information about the brand; the number of positive and negative reviews is approximately the same, or there are no reviews and reviews. The company responds to negative comments and reviews
  • Negative - Most of the feedback and reviews about the brand are negative. The company either responds insufficiently or doesn’t respond to negative comments and reviews.

The type of brand portrait a company has is determined by the top 10 search results for brand queries:

The following resources influence the brand portrait:

The Netpeak Checker brand portrait algorithm

In order to create a brand portrait, you should:

1. Create a list of the main brand queries users can use to search for information about the company. For example: "", "looqme", "looqme reviews", "looqme review", "looqme company". If the company is focused on users who live in different countries and use different languages, brand queries should be selected in all target languages.

2. Select “PS Parser” in Netpeak Checker and enter a list of brand phrases:

3. In the "Settings" tab, select the "Google" search engine and select “10” for the number of results:

4. In the additional settings for search engines, specify geolocation and a language for the search output:

The geolocation should correspond to the priority region where the majority of users come from, and the language should correspond to the language of the search queries.

5. Click "Start", after which Netpeak Checker will remove all the resources that are shown in the TOP-10 output by brand requests:

6. Each resource from the issue must be checked and assigned a portrait type according to the criteria listed above:


Netpeak Checker and its analysis of the top 10 search results for brand requests allow you to form a portrait of a company’s brand. You should strive for only positive information and reviews on the first page of search results, which indicate a positive brand image.

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