How to use monitoring for marketing campaign analysis

Media monitoring is a marketing investment that pays off. With it, you can track key mentions of the brand in the media and social networks, see audience reactions, and respond in real-time.

A structured monitoring tool simplifies reporting on marketing campaigns, makes it possible to export data in convenient formats, and share visual analytics with colleagues, management, and clients.In case your selected channels, campaigns, or content fail to meet your objectives, you can use the monitoring data to decide whether you need to reinvest to improve results or focus on a new approach in planning your further activities.

How to build a successful communication strategy for business

Consider the feedback and new information you learn from both successful and failed strategies when creating your future campaigns. This will bring you closer to understanding what your customers need.

1. Assess and plan successful marketing campaigns

Example: Lvivske beer and launched a joint campaign to promote the Zakhar Berkut movie. This allowed the brand to strengthen its position on the market, expand audience coverage and, as a result, receive the most prestigious marketing communications award — Effie Awards Ukraine.

Top 5 LOOQME metrics to track marcomms effectiveness

The use of monitoring: Media monitoring provides a system for collecting results to use in planning future campaigns. Success markers are much easier to evaluate visually - with the help of numbers and graphs. You can do this with the LOOQME Hub analytics.

Quickly, briefly, specificly: LOOQME dashboard opportunities

Below is an example of a Share of Voice metrics graph for three products (weekly data). You can immediately evaluate and compare the results.

Share of voice for three products (example)

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2. Assess the favorable events and the crises that can influence the marketing campaign

Example: After UEFA required the national football team of Ukraine to remove the "Glory to Heroes!" slogan from the new uniform, the sale of T-shirts with the already printed saying increased several times. They sold out in online stores within a few hours.

The use of monitoring: By studying the audience's reaction to the event with the help of reach and sentiment metrics, you can estimate the potential number of customers, their attitudes, and expectations. As a result, you will be able to adjust the marketing campaign to address the negative reactions in the media field and social networks.

4 reasons to start using media monitoring in 2022

3. Assess and respond to the potential marketing campaign risks

Example: One of the international Domino's Pizza restaurants promised a lifetime supply of pizza to all customers of the chain who got a company's logo tattoo. The number of those willing to get it turned out to be rather high. The brand faced a media backlash for the questionable marketing move. The people with the newly made tattoos also feared that they would be deceived. Management reacted instantly and limited the number of winners to 350.

Avoiding PR crisis and more: how to use and benefit with Alerts

The use of monitoring: A timely change in the terms of the promotion helped prevent a reputational crisis. You can promptly monitor all promotional offer mentions with LOOQME Alert. This way, you will be able to control the level of negativity within a given campaign.

4 convincing reasons to invest in media monitoring

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