Quickly, briefly, specificly: LOOQME dashboard opportunities


Need a report? It’s all ready

LOOQME dashboards are interactive dynamic reports. They are part of the LOOQME Hub, a platform for social listening, media monitoring and communications analysis.

Dashboards are easy-to-use and effective for presentation analytical tools. They consist of widgets (data visualizations) with different metrics (number of mentions, dynamics, potential coverage, Media Visibility, etc.).

How do dashboards differ from analytics?

First, dashboards are clear and simple even if you see them for the first time in your life. Dashboards are also analytics, but with a simple structure and illustrative diagrams. Our clients receive usage instructions and constant support from personal managers, but even if you do not open the link with dashboards work explanations — you can understand them intuitively :)

Our platform users can customize, add and remove dashboards: it only takes a few clicks.

Plus, dashboards give more metrics than analytics: MFI, MQ, mentions geography on the map, tags by sentiment…In dashboards, you can compare data over time. Track your performance over weeks or months and get a quick answer on where your (or competitors') performance has improved and where it hasn’t.

Dashboards allow you to quickly review all metrics and constantly monitor them without delving into analytics numbers and graphs. Analytics will be needed to see the change intricacies and the reason it has changed.

Custom dashboards features

The filtering feature is the ability to view mentions of a specific company, person or competitor. With “Tag” filtering you can see the results of a separate press release, press event etc. Alternatively, you can choose a keyword instead of a tag and get results for it. Of course, you get not only ready-made analytics, but also links to original materials. We collect mentions for you from both media and social networks, but you can filter the data by choosing one.All metrics on our widgets are clickable. When clicking on any number, you will see exactly which mentions were visualized.

Dashboards are also somewhat a free content analysis. You can download the entire dashboard report in PDF or a single widget as an image. In addition, users have the opportunity to generate online reports and share them with colleagues.Each of our clients immediately receives a basic list of dashboards with the most frequently used metrics. However, you can create custom dashboards on your own. You have more than 30 widgets with different metrics. This allows you to easily configure and track KPIs for each department / brand / employee.If you track your competitors' activity, you surely have all these options for their companies mentions.

Dashboards advantages

With dashboards you do not need manually and constantly:

  • systematize and visualize data
  • add new information
  • memorize metrics for comparison in future
  • calculate coefficients and dynamics

Dashboards are ready-made illustrative analytics for your presentations and reports, for internal and external use. They allow you to quickly explain large amounts of information and clearly show confusing numbers. If you have 3 minutes for a presentation, dashboards will give you enough time to tell about all the company metrics and also to mention competitors ;)Dashboards simplify and ease your work and save time. Because if you need a report, it is ready.

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