SMM for Media: How to Grow with Social Media

SMM for the media: how to grow with the help of social networks

We share key insights from the Ukrainian Media Forum - UMF 2022 speeches. Among those taking part in the forum were Alina Leshchuk and Dasha Hryshchenko — the team of the KUKURUDZA content marketing blog.

Since its start, 100,000 marketing professionals have read posts, another 1,000 have signed up for exclusive membership and more than 300 have taken a content marketing course. The team has worked with Ukrainian and international brands, artists, politicians, bloggers, and social initiatives.

Presentation topic: "SMM for the media: how to grow with the help of social networks"

How to use monitoring for marketing campaign analysis

Information sources for Ukrainians

Most used social media in Ukraine (GlobalLogic analysis based on open data):

28 million — YouTube

16.1 million — Instagram

15.45 million — Facebook

10.55 million — TikTok

3.6 million — LinkedIn

Screenshots from the presentation of the KUKURUDZA team at the Ukrainian Media Forum - UMF 2022

Screenshots from the presentation of the KUKURUDZA team at the Ukrainian Media Forum - UMF 2022

Fake News: how to fight information attacks

Statistics: social media audience in Ukraine

Telegram users:

Male — 51%

Female — 49%

16-25— 44%

26-35 — 31%

36-45— 21%

46-55— 4%

Facebook users:

Male — 35%

Female — 65%

16-25— 10%

26-35— 33%

36-45— 30%

46-55— 27%

Monitoring the crisis in online media and social networks

Viber users:

Male — 45%

Female — 55%

97% of Ukrainians have Viber on their phones

16-25— 16%

26-35— 33%

36-45— 30%

46-55— 21%

How to effectively work on Instagram

• Instagram profile homepage is the first impression about you. Your handle and page title are the only parts of your description that come up in search. So, you should determine the keywords that can help find you. For example, it would be a mistake not to include the word "news" in the name of the news profile. You should also make sure not to change the form of the keywords as people look for them in the nominative case.In the biography under the title, we recommend adding something that makes you stand out. For example, indicate how many years you have been working, your accomplishments, positioning.

Avoiding PR crisis and more: how to use and benefit with Alerts

• Add only the relevant information to the highlights. Do not turn it into an archive. Highlights also need order and logic. They depend on your goals. For example, you can put Patreon highlights first. Your highlights need to be eye-catching with important information seen first. This way, you can make similar covers for all stories, while accentuating one by highlighting it in a different color.

• Content rule: more analytical content in the feed, lighter content in the stories.

Visual text hierarchy| Screenshot from the presentation of the KUKURUDZA team at the Ukrainian Media Forum - UMF 2022

PR research: how to assess your effectiveness

Three Instagram formats for media to use:


Guides help increase the depth of interaction as people spend more time looking through them. Do not forget to mention them often.


Posting from two accounts helps to get new followers and increase visibility. However, you should not expect high coverage from collaborations. When preparing content, you also need to negotiate with the other account’s team so that your account design systems find a common solution.


It is important to create custom covers, add captions, titles, and use viral elements, comments, and descriptions for these videos. In Reels, you can publish excerpts from interviews, show the team, humorous content (everything that goes to TikTok will also go to Instagram), and create informative, emotional videos (positive, motivational).

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