Monitoring competitors: why and how to do it?

Analysis of your market counterparts is a routine task of a PR specialist. According to the State of PR 2022 study, 95% of Ukrainian PR professionals track their competitors’ activities. Rest assured that even if you still have not looked into your colleagues, they have been analyzing you for a long time. Failure to do so means losing important data and, therefore, money.


15 PR metrics that you can start measuring today

The mentions of the company, its speakers and its product are the heart of PR. You can measure quantity, quality, coverage, role, sentiment and much more. However, you can start with quantity.


Media monitoring in the work of a marketer: 5 lifehacks

Media monitoring should not only be considered as a tool for tracking marketing and PR campaign effectiveness. Along with analytics of the work performed, it can also be useful for planning future activities. Let’s take a look at how else you can use media monitoring.


Media analytics during the turbulent times

The full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war fully covered the economic front. Companies can no longer be out of politics. LOOQME CEO & Founder Oksana Kononova performed at the international PR & Communication Summit Romania and told how media analytics helps to find better solutions in turbulent times.


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