Why do IT companies need media monitoring

Since the outbreak of the war, the IT industry in Ukraine has managed to persevere, keeping the majority of foreign clients and jobs and showing its efficiency and unwavering support for the economy and the army. Today, IT companies continue on the same path — they work to increase the country's GDP, contributing to the Armed Forces, and introduce innovations in the military sector, business, and daily life.


Media monitoring for marketers: what is there to gain?

PR specialists happen to use media and social media monitoring more actively than marketers. However, there is no valid reason for the latter to disregard it. Monitoring helps all specialists who work with audiences to analyze the results of the work and plan future actions. Since the usefulness of this tool for marketers has not always been obvious, we would like to provide several examples of the practical use of monitoring.


Reports are a must-have tool. Here’s why

According to the State of PR 2022, 39% of Ukrainian communication specialists regularly use reporting tools. However, reports remain underrated in terms of the possibilities of their practical application. So, let us take a closer look at the value of reports for marketing and PR professionals.


Monitoring competitors: why and how to do it?

Analysis of your market counterparts is a routine task of a PR specialist. According to the State of PR 2022 study, 95% of Ukrainian PR professionals track their competitors’ activities. Rest assured that even if you still have not looked into your colleagues, they have been analyzing you for a long time. Failure to do so means losing important data and, therefore, money.


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